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Download Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010 free | Best racing game ever

Download Full Version of Need for Speed: Hot pursuit 2010
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was released on 2010 developed by British games developer name Criterion Games, Published by Electronic Arts (EA). It is most advance racing game.
Seacrest County is a completely incredible place like all the best racer video PC games. The roads are universally perfectand sprinkle with beautiful and amazing shortcuts. The fabulous gardens and national parks are gloriously free of gigantic reverse camera system. And at the moment when people determine to break traffic laws, then they do it at 220 mph in eye-catching super cars. If that sounds like a portion of heaven pie to you, then you're going for the best option that is Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, a reboot of Electronic Arts, speeders and cops driving series from old hand developer Criterion Games.
You might know the Criterion name from such over-the-top essential driving experiences as Paradise: Burnout, the 2008 open-world racer that placed a premium on crazy crashes and high speed. Criterion has brought its amped-up design to the Need For Speed series, and its result is a efficient and amazing focused driving skill that's positively clean up adrenaline.
The concept of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit came through the sweet dream of fast and furious car rider who don't follow the road laws while driving Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Mercedes, Porches and other fastest cars. Oh, and would't it be sweet if they could drop spike strips and crash into each other and call helicopter for cover? And at the moment when you crash someone's car, it should drop or smash into slow motion and you get lot of points!
Why I love Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit most because there is no wedged-in in this game. You can play as a racer or police man and you can increase your rank or desire level as you drift around corners, run people off the road, drive into oncoming traffic. On the road, you'll earn bounty and points to unlock the new locations, advance and more expensive cars, expand your gadgets and open new portion of the Seacrest Country map. The more your crash, smash, win and drive, the more new and cool stuff you get. It's very simple and easy to do and it works. In short, you will have to increase your stuff from your driving skills.
There are different types of cars having distinct qualities and characteristics, like Bentley Super sports have a massive engine and a power as tank. It is perfect for chasing and smashing the racers. It handles surprisingly well, making a great choice for Pursuit events. And if you are playing a single race where only one opposite player then I suggest light weight car like Pagani Zonda Cinque.
This game is not for collecting new cars. Although you unlock new vehicles with the progress of your racing level. But in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit there is big list of most advance and expensive cars. Each vehicle has its own sound effects and control systems. With respect to driving aspect, each car has unique driving control. There is big list of racing cars like Porsche Panamera, Nissan GT-R SpecV, Lamborghini LP 670-4 SuperVloce, Mercedes SLS AMG, Maclaren F1 and Bugatti Veyron. 
Criterion has created a landscape for racing that feels realistic and alive. All local traffic is seen along the road, aircrafts fly by as you are driving, weather effects are fabulous and realistic. Beautiful buildings are shown along the road. While you are driving, sun will rise and set, weather effects are fantastics and close to reality. While driving, the information about all criteria is shown on your screen map. So it makes easier for the rider to take decision quickly on deep turns. According to fast racers point of view it is the most advance and dramatic PC racer video game that I have ever played. But remebere, don't try these racing tricks in daily life. Be smart, be safe.

Download Need for Speed Most Wanted PC game Free | Need for Speed Most Wanted Full Version PC Game

Free Download Need for Speed full version PC video game

Download Need for Speed Most Wanted Pc Video Game free. This game is tenth edition of Need for Speed series produced by EA (Electronic Arts). The most popular version of NFS most wanted has very addictive game play. NFS released in 2005. In this racing game you will have to avoid police cops by competing your other street racers. You can select quick race mode by selecting X button and would get through police cars. You will have to face hard chase by police. It would be enjoyable when you will be chased by a lot of police cars. There will be little chances to escape and to get the first position in challenge series. At the end of challenge series evading from the police will be too difficult but it will be more fun to play in difficult conditions. It is the most popular pc car racing game of 2005. Surroundings and effects are fantastic. Best racing game of nfs series. You can download free Need for Speed Most Wanted by clicking the download link given below
Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 is great fun, from its  cut-scenes to its extremely tense police chases. Long-running Need for Speed series of EA took a stumble underground a couple of year back when the developer refocused the game only on illegal street racing. While the nighttime racing series was definitely most successful, the lawless world was always dropping one key factor: police.This year's installment goes back into the daylight. The original racing hasn't changed so much, but the ever-present cops make this game a whole lot more exciting and interesting.
The game's career mode starts out with a historical bash. You take on the role of a faceless and nameless new racer attempting to hit the scene in the town of Rockpoort. An underground ranking which is known as the Blacklist governs who can race when, and who. You immediately run into a punk named Raizo. He's at the bottom of the list, but a few races later, he's destroy and damage your ride records and has won it from you in a race. In the same time, you're carted off to jail. Left with nothing but some curious help from a stranger named Mea, now your target is to get back in the race game to get the top position of the Blacklist, which is now captured by Razor, who's using your powerful old car to wipe out the competition.
This game actually has a great story hook in the beginning that makes you want to see the career mode through to finish mode. The acting in these early segments is awful. Working your way up the Blacklist is a long-way progress. Before you can challenge the upcoming Blacklist racer, you have to complete a list of requirements. You'll have to win multi race events. You'll have to get access a set number of pursuit milestones and earn enough points by riling up the cops. The police hate street racers and they will give chase when they see you moving around the open city. You can also easily  just jump right into a pursuit mode from a menu.
Running from the police is the best action the game has to offer. Running and chases usually start with just one car. But as you withstand, you might find 15 cars giving chase, in addition to a helicopter flying overhead. Losing the cops gets tougher as your car heat level increases. Level one heat results in the impression of just your standard crew cars. But by the time you get up to level five, you'll be dealing with, spike strips, road blocks, helicopters. A meter at the bottom of the computer screen indicates how close you are to losing the cops or getting smash.
On the sound side, Need for Speed Most Wanted has outstanding engine torque noises that changes depending on the type of car in which you're in and which upgrades you have in you game account. The rest of the sound effects are also of fabulous and excellent quality. The game uses entirely a bit of voice acting in the race story, which is good. But the most best voices come from the police. At the time, when you're being chased, you'll pick up the cop's band to hear them cooperating and communicating as they try to take you down. The police talk sounds awfully genuine, and you'll eventually decode the police 12 codes and figure out when they're going to lay out roadblocks, strips, spike, and so on.They sound good enough to be realistic. The music comprised is the standard mix of hip-hop and rock you've come to expect from EA's most famous games, including a few songs from Styles of behind.Mean while the actual racing in Need for Speed Most Wanted is almost certainly the weak link in the series, it's still solid enough to keep you attentive as you move from racer to racer and working your way up the Blacklist as you go. But the real hero and stars of the game are the cops who give the series a much-required shot in the arm. Outrunning the law sounds like your idea of a better time, you shall have a fantastic time here. Remember, these types of driving tricks should be applied in just racing games that is Need for Speed Most Wanted. Be safe and happy.

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Free download Call of Duty 2 PC game | Best shooter PC game

Download Call of Duty 2 video game

Download Call of Duty 2 PC game free: Call of duty 2 (2005) is first-person shooter video game and the second installment in the Call of Duty series, developed by Activision. Call of Duty 2 was released on October 2005 for Microsoft Windows PCs and after that for Xbox 360 in Australia, Europe, South America and Japan. This game has fabulous graphic detail. You will like to play it on your PC with exciting thrill. You  can download Call of Duty 2 PC game just clicking the link below.
                                                     Click to free download Call of Duty 2 

When the original Call of Duty was reveal a few years ago, it made an effect both on reviewer and on customers, even in the already converge WWII gun shooter category. Call of Duty's instinctive action struck a chord with PC gun, shooter fans thanks to a action and well designed,  enjoyable multi-player, and great sound effects. If you liked those attribute of the genuine one, then you're certain to like the sequel, which stays true to the strengths of its ancestors, while magnifying the awareness that you're just one soldier in the center of a heavy and massive war machine. It does not really smash any new ground, but the game tacks the basis aspects of first person shooter game play.

Call of Duty 2 System requirements

  • 3D hardware accelerator card required
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
  • Pentium IV 1.4GHz 
  • 256MB RAM (512MB RAM recommended)
  • DirectX 9.0c compatible with 16-bit sound card and latest drivers
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • 4.0GB of free hard disk space (plus 600MB for Windows 2000/XP swap file)
  • 8x speed CD-ROM , 2x DVD-ROM drive

As in the first game, the compaign of Call of Duty 2 will put you in the shoes of a some different soldiers fighting for different associated factions. You begins off as a private in the Russian army,  fighting off the occupying Germans in Moscow and Stalingrad. The British campaign is unlocked after defeating the first Russian mission. For majority of these missions you'll be fighting in the dangerous sand deserts of South Africa alongside the Desert Rats against Marshal Rommel's troops. The last mission in the British campaign brings you to the bombed-out houses, France. After you're done with that and  you'll play as an American corporal in the areas Europe. Yes, you will be doing a north landing, but not on Lomaha Beach or Atah Beach, which you've probably played some times before. Instead, you'll be scaling the straight cliffs of Point de Hoc as artillery with the Rangers. If you already have thought rock climbing was an interesting sport, try doing it with artillery then machine-gun fire raining down on you.

Each of the game's 11 missions is broken up into a few different and outstanding stages. If you play the game on usual difficulty level, you could blow through it in about 12 hours. Ratcheting up the difficulty a cut makes the game much difficult and more tactical. Since you'll be look around more carefully through all the encounters, you'll lengthen the campaign remarkably, and enjoy it more.

Finishing the campaign against German Soldier into several different account vignettes almost certainly weakens the effect of the plot as a whole. Although that was never the strength and magnificent of Call of Duty in the first place. What this does is permit the designers to put you in a lot of different, interesting and realistic  situations. One haunting moment in the Russian campaign has you crawling through a pipeline to creep behind German lines and into a factory building. As you make process through the pipeline, you'll markand snipe pockets of German Soldier infantry through holes in the pipe lines. When they fire back up at you, you'll notice that the  bullets tearing through the pipe, pluck open holes for shafts of light to dig through. It's a exciting effect. You'll also get quite a rush from both engaging in and defending against infantry charges across open city areas in Stalingrad City. But just as the originality of these wears off, you're shunted over to the British mission in South Africa, where you'll do things like join in night raids of small Tunisian towns, climb up to the top of steeple to call in artillery on enemy tanks, vehicles and even drive a tank yourself. The American campaign has its own unforget-able moments, like scaling the cliffs of valley of Point, or sniping at German military crews from the top of a grain tank. The game paces itself so that you are always on your toes, and you'll find yourself switching forth and back almost continually from an offensive position to mak a defensive stand against counter attacks on the objective you have just taken the control.  At the end of the day you're still shooting a lot of German soldiers but the constantly conflict scene of why and how you're doing it keep the game captivating from start to finish.

Call of Duty 2 is just about all things that you would expect from the final result to one of the most prosperous World War II shooters of all time. Its diverse campaign, wonderful sound and game-play graphics and designs. At the mean time, it's still a World War II shooter , and if you've ability to weary of them, then Call of Duty 2's shortage of new material might turn you away. It can also be ferocious on your computer if you have humble hardware.

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Call of Duty Free PC game Download Full version | Download Free PC Games

Free Download PC game Call Of Duty full version

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Call of duty is a computer/video game. It was released on 2003. It was developed and published by Infinity Ward and Activision. This video game simulates the combined arms and infantry warfare of World War II. Call of duty follows the British, America and Red army troops. Basically this game based on gun fighting skills of the soldiers with ware-fare guns. In this game a soldier is assigned a mission to accomplished alone or with his companions. Player can pick any type of ammunition from battle field and use it. Its simulation is about to real environment. If player wants to play difficult level then there is very difficult to survive in battle field. New users can play easy level with ease. The player's men is dropped on different location. The surrounded environment is same to real. In this game, the player can start his game from different location as there is a option to save at any check point. So after your soldier death you can start from any checkpoint. 

Call of duty system requirements:

Processor 2.1 GHz
Ram 256 to 512 MB
Card 128 MB or heigher 
Hard 1 GB free disk space
Operating system Xp( any version), Windows 2007 or latest
Snap shots from Call of Duty PC game
                                                              Free Download
                                                     Snap shots from Call Of  Duty

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